Tomahawk Technologies Inc.
Our services are firmly rooted in our programming and technical abilities. We have been developing software solutions since 1999, while at the same time managing our own network infrastructure, As a result, we have gained valuable experience in many facets of technology. For example, to overcome obstacles created by languages lacking certain feature sets we have simply developed our own tools or add-ons. Our service offerings range from database administration and management all the way through to business process audits. We have the tools to help make your office more efficient, and we have the experience to go straight to the root of an issue with little distraction. Tomahawk has prided itself on not only the software and development services that we offer, but also on the support and assistance that has made us stand out as a business leader in the technology community. We look forward to an opportunity to show you just how good we are at what we do best.
Ottawa Senators and Canadian Tire Centre have used Tomahawk services for things such as broadband secure server hosting and extranet application hosting. Many applications are Tomahawk custom developed solutions to aid in the management of data and internal communications. Tomahawk has supplied many services to the organizations over a long term relationship dating back to 1999. Tomahawk's custom solutions have included score and stat parser's, search engine technologies, payment provisioning, player assessment tools, equipment management and many other online tools for tracking internal projects.
ParkAdmin - Parking and Security Management
Our parking and security management solution, ParkAdmin has evolved into an application that provides a multitude of services to many of our ParkAdmin clients. The cloud based application offers access to custom developed (campus specific) payment services such as campus cards, integration with school staff/student management systems, provides cloud hosting and data replication services. ParkAdmin also links to parking gate technology, mobile handhelds and many custom modules for a full complement of parking and security services. Many North American colleges and universities have come to rely on the technology services provided by ParkAdmin.
Asterisk Programming
Tomahawk manages and programs Asterisk PBX's for a number of organizations. Our Asterisk development includes custom notification tools, click to call web integration, software integration, and improved communication and data filters. Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Digium. Asterisk turns an ordinary computer into a communications server. Asterisk powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and is used by small businesses, large businesses, call centers, carriers and governments worldwide. (from
Web Host Management Complete Solution - WHMCS
As a contributing developer to the WHMCS framework (we developed the PaymenTech gateway module) it allows us to offer other companies the same custom developed solutions that we use daily. Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) is a utility that we have used internally for many years. Custom add-ons have been developed internally to support many new and innovative functions. Custom development has included improved reports, Asterisk PBX integration, CPanel and custom server modules, improved search, time tracking and customer management tools.

When your project needs a qualified expert.

Tomahawk originally specialized in bringing databases to the web long before most users knew what a database was.  With years of experience, involving many facets of technology services, there is truly no limit to the technical advantage we are able to offer our clients.  Our service offerings include secure enterprise class data hosting, integrated payment gateway solutions, custom development, SMS/texting gateways, and full application integration to cloud technologies.

With Tomahawk working on your project you can be sure that you will benefit from years of technology and technical experience.