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ParkAdmin - Parking and Security Management
OPS-COM - Parking and Security Management

OperationsCommander™ is a secure, web enabled parking management and security solution that is fully customizable. OPS-COMS's easy-to-use modules can be seamlessly integrated into the system to expand its functionality and ensure the best fit for your business operations. With OperationsCommander your organization will increase revenue, office efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs and staff workloads.

OPS-COMis in use by many colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. The system is used daily to offer their clients access to purchase permits and pay for parking citations through the violation management interface. The system also offers full incident management and patrol dispatch interfaces. ParkAdmin represents a one-stop application for managing a busy security office.

Update: March 2017; OperationsCommander now offers a license license plate recognition module. The new module offers 3 different approaches to LPR through the use of Android software, vehicle mounted ANPR cameras, and static ALPR cameras. Visit for more details.

Streamin Technologies
Working with StreamIN Technologies, Tomahawk has been able to supply e-commerce and ticketing software for such organizations as Toronto Zoo, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Reuben Fleet and recently the Star Wars Identities exhibit at the Aviation Museum (Ottawa). The software solution links the on location database to a remote database system to allow users to purchase tickets at any time of day from anywhere. With print-at-home functionality, users are able to print their own tickets right after purchase. The system continues to grow and change with plans to incorporate MMS messaging as an alternative to users having to print tickets.
Android Development
We are experienced in the areas of mobile development, having developed solutions for Windows-CE, Windows Mobile and Android. Mobile developers are working on an ANPR (Automatic Numeric Plate Recognition) add-on for our ParkAdmin Android application. Over the years we have developed wireless ticketing solutions for the full complement of Windows Mobile devices. Our mobile technology is used daily and synchronizes data changes to the cloud creating a true remote operation. With a strategic partnership to CASIO of Canada, we are able to sell rugged mobile devices that contain our software solution. The resulting solution is full data access from anywhere at anytime.
OntarioLearn is a partnership of 24 Ontario community colleges that have pooled their resources to increase online learning options. You can search through their course inventory to find a course that you need and then you can register with any partner college offering the course. The OntarioLearn system has grown over the years to support course and user management as well as to offer course grading and scheduling tools. Originally developed as a portal and communication tool for only a handful of colleges this Tomahawk developed custom solution has grown over the years to be much more.
The purpose of the Algonquin Distance Learning ePortal is to streamline login procedures, improve communications, consolidate activity, and centralize resources for students, faculty and administrators. The Tomahawk developed system provides access to five user groups: Student, Faculty, Tech Support, and Administrator group. Each group has different privileges and desktop views. The ePortal centralizes and supports a full-technology related college environment. It currently hosts over 14,000 students per annum, providing transparent and ubiquitous access to 650 courses across a half dozen learning management systems (LMS), including Blackboard, Moodle, Desire2learn among others.

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